Sunday, May 28, 2017

Snakes in the bog! A little garter snake swims in Devil's hole

Planting the education boardwalk on Salmonberry days

It's feeling like summer in the bog with vaccinium ovalifolium muffins

Krista Voth made muffins out of yummy vaccinium ovalifolium species camosunae berries

kalmia Blossoms in May, sunny work party

Sundews and treefrogs in May, oh my!

slithery snakes in Devil's hole!

Metro Vancouver celebrates Crazy bogger Laurence Brown in April

April Showers work party

Crazy boggers at Nightquest in March

Blueberries budding and baby sundews in mid march

Rainy march work party

our annual general mtg in the bog

Snowy Bog

December in the bog