Thursday, June 3, 2010

Storytelling and getting dirty

Biology students finished some amazing stories.  This is a sample and a fraction of what was produced for the Camosun Bog Buddy project.

 Other stories have not yet been scanned by students.
Here is one with pictures:
and another.  The plight of Camosun Bog as 
American Football

 Peaty, the insomniac moss who needed a bed time story.
The King who made a bog, and his Queen of industrialization who resented it.
Bad monsters made a drain.  human invaders who like to build shopping malls, houses, arcades, cars and more!

and a story from a few years ago:  Because Some things Can't Fly
In addition to creating stories for primary students, biology 11 students got their hands dirty during bin day:  bog restoration was hard work!