Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand Opening of the Camosun Bog Nature Walk

After 13 years of effort our nature walk is finally complete (more or less!)
Ed and Susan showing Labrador tea to visitors

The weather was sunny for the grand opening on October 25, the bog looked beautiful after the recent rains, the new boardwalk was complete and the signs looked great. All-in-all a memorable day.

After the speeches visitors toured the new signs and members of our group were at each one to answer questions and provide more information. It was great to see several members from the Musqueam Nation at the celebration and the sign about Seelthkey, the two-headed monster that lived in the bog, was well received.
Lance Read has produced an  excellent video showing the new signage. If you haven't seen the new signs, check out

Speeches at opening ceremony

Unveiling the new signs

Pat and Zavi being photographed
Some of the Crazy Boggers at the new sign