Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Camosun Bog Restoration Group In VItro

Laurence hosted the annual general meeting for the Crazy Boggers.  Future plans and the direction of bog restoration was discussed here.  We discussed how to best do battle with Juncus, and how to restore the areas in red.  Strategy map above.  Bog restorers out of their weekend habitat below:

The meeting on Saturday went very well with 17 people attending. The discussions were excellent and we made a number of important decisions.  Thanks to Helen for doing the notes so quickly (3 hours!!) and for bringing a delicious cake, also to Issaku for bringing lots of goodies and tea, to Heather for bringing  the coffee, to Brian for providing his computer, to Ed for bringing Denis and to everybody for the excellent discussions and good humour. 
    - Laurence