Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salamanders, tadpoles, and a little shrew

The attached picture is the cluster of eggs Heather found while pulling Juncus out of the bog on Sat. morning. They are not frogs eggs so we surmise they may be salamanders. If you look closely you can see the external gills.  There are also "tons" of tadpoles in the pond! All that croaking in early spring by the adults has produced a bumper crop. Frogs may be disappearing in other locations around the world but lets hope our Tree Frogs have found a permanent home in the bog.


The photo shows a picture of a shrew that was found by Christine, our friendly bog birder. It had probably been killed by a cat that discovered that they do not taste good and just left it – too bad.

 rodents do call this bog home, as there was a rodent skull found here recently.  And a barred owl or horned owl was hooting at elementary school children last week. The shrew represents one of the various menu items for predators in this bog      --Susan