Friday, October 21, 2011

Teachers in Camosun bog

Despite unrelenting rain, 26 educators gathered for our second annual October Pro-D.  Our bog hats off to these teachers and youth leaders who were undeterred by damp weather.  We were out for 4 hours after which, Issaku brought hot tea and treats for everyone to warm up with!  This Pro-D was a potluck collaboration of CBRG, Metro Vancouver Regional Park Interpreters,  VSB teachers and The Co-Design Group.  We thank all the participants for coming!
Jennifer Swanton, a Metro Vancouver Regional Park Interpreter shared activities such as "bog in a bowl".  Jennifer gave out a useful package of outdoor resources, which she demonstrated, This resource is published by Metro Vancouver.  
Jennifer also showed examples of animals in the bog, such as this owl skull

and owl wing
Susan, CBRG, and VSB teacher,  enabled participants to learn 10 bog species in just 10 minutes, using silly memory tricks, one participant is being a little teapot and holding labrador tea.  A list of common bog species here.

Laurence Brown , CBRG and Pat Wilson, retired VSB elementary teacher and CBRG,  showed bog artifacts such as the hockey puck and jughead hat.  Later, Pat shared lesson strategies from her many years of taking young children into the bog.

Stanley King, Co-Design Group,  led a City on the Wall activity to demonstrate the effect of urbanization on a pristine wilderness setting