Friday, September 7, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are Teacher Pro-D, Oct 19, 2012

that very night in Max's room a forest grew, and grew, until the ceiling hung with vines, and the walls became the world around...", 
- Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are.
Bog Buddy program, 2011. photo credit: Marian De Geer,
Biology 11 students teach elementary students in Camosun bog: photo credit: Marian De Geer

When: October 19, 2012  9:30 - 12:30 pm
Who can register:    youth leaders, urbanists, teachers, informal educators,  student teachers.  Register by contacting  Susan at
(If you are a teacher, please let us know if you are secondary or elementary).
Cost: free
Presenters:  VSB teachers, The Camosun Bog Restoration GroupMetro Vancouver Regional Parks interpreters, and Co-Design Group
Dress code, what to bring:  
This is an outdoor program happening rain or shine. Be prepared for rain. Bring your favourite tea mug. 

Join the Crazy Boggers, Metro Vancouver Regional Park interpreters and VSB teachers for an active and informative Pro-D walking through an enchanting urban bog! Learn the fascinating story of this ancient ecosystem and methods for interpreting the bog for students of all ages. Taste Labrador Tea, touch a carnivorous sundew and Jump on a bog trampoline! Walk away with lesson strategies, classroom resources and the ability to identify at least five bog species and five invasive species, guaranteed!

Purpose of this workshop:
  • To give educators the tools to bring their classrooms and small groups to the bog with confidence
  • To familiarize educators with the bog narrative, bog ecology and share connections to the elementary and secondary curriculum.
  • To encourage educators to visit our bog. Camosun bog is the most transit - accessible bog in Vancouver and we encourage everyone to experience this treasure in the city
Our presenters have experience interpreting the bog for elementary students and secondary students up to senior secondary. Furthermore, the metro vancouver regional parks interpreters are well versed in presenting the bog in an informal context. The bog is a great outdoor classroom for the following topics:

plant anatomy
ecological succession
bog ecology
plant competition
urban geography
local history of our city
and it is a wonderful location for inspiring students to create art, poetry, short stories.