Friday, November 16, 2012

Misty bog
 We had another successful work party this past Saturday with 22 enthusiastic volunteers in attendance. They did a great job of removing what seemed like "tons" of polytrichum. The sphagnum mosses will now have a better chance of survival!
    Thanks to the representatives from ECHO and the family from Emily Carr U. who joined our work party. I believe it is the first time we had 6 year old twins girls volunteering. They did a great job of separating the sphagnum mosses from the polytrichum.
    Unfortunately the weatherman does not want to cooperate this coming Saturday but hopefully the weather will be better the following Saturday.
    Laurence sent me the attached great photos taken early Thursday morning with the following caption:
    " Many of the trees and bushes were covered by spider webs. These were covered by dew drops and glistened as the sun beams shone through the mist. What a beautiful place!"
See you all next week.

spider web on blueberry