Friday, November 1, 2013

Work Party

Hi Crazy Boggers:

Thanks to all 34 volunteers who came out last Saturday and worked really hard getting all the invasive vegitation removed from the bog. A thanks also to our partners at Metro Van. Parks who provided the bin, wheelbarrows and the staff who assisted in cutting up the branches so they all fit in the bin.

"A job well done!"

Looks like fall/winter weather will be with us this Saturday! The rain fattens up the mosses and give them their vibrant red,rust, brown and green colors. Our long warm summer and fall have caused some of our plants to think it is spring. A number of the Kalmia and Oval leaf blueberries have begun to bloom. Fall is a lovely time in the bog.

We may get some more sphagnum moss planted this Saturday and there is always more areas needing to be cleared of Salal and other invasives. We need to remove more peat from the N/W area where we plan to restore the area with various different sphagnum mosses.

There is always weeding needing to be done. It will probably be wet in the bog so come dressed appropriately.

See you Saturday.